Product description

AdnaTest CancerSelect

In the first step cancer cells will be enriched in vitro from cancer patients` blood samples (EDTA or AdnaCollect) using magnetic bead conjugated antibodies. The antibody cocktail was carefully optimized for the cancer type.

AdnaTest CancerDetect

The isolated mRNA is transcribed into cDNA, that can be amplified in a following multiplex-PCR. The multiplex PCR detection step analyses the tumor associated gene expression of a variety of relevant tumor markers to make sure that the selected cells are cancer cells. Tests are offered as reagent sets for the detection of breast and colon cancer cells in human blood.

The advantages of the AdnaTest

The combination of a variety of selection markers (antibodies) and a set of molecular tumor markers (mRNAs) takes care of the heterogeneity of the cancer cells` gene expression preventing false negative and false positive results due to either illegitimate transcription in normal cells or individual changes in gene expression in general and during chemotherapy.